Choosing the perfect domain name

I read an interesting article on the website on how to choose a strong domain name. The article gives some suggestions on how to make a domain name memorable, by having a unique, catchy and simple name. The article provides with some other great advice on how to choose a name.

Choosing the perfect domain name can be the difference between success and being forgotten, and as the article states: "Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business".

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Why choose a premium domain?

Choosing the right domain name can help your business become more successful. Having a domain name that matches your company name or the business you’re in will boost your brand. It makes it easier for customers to remember the name of your business and return to it. It is also easier to win business by word of mouth, as customers will remember your website address and can pass it to other people.

Should a startup spend venture capital funding on a domain name?

I recently stumbled across an article in Forbes magazine regarding startups, venture capital and domain names. Big brands have been spending billions for almost two decades establishing the .com extension as a mark of trust and authenticity. I think the article points out many important factors to why a great domain name is valuable and why it is worth spending a lot of money on one of your main marketing channels.

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